What Is StateTrack?

Follow legislation and regulations in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and the federal government, with StateTrack (formerly TrendTRACK) — our comprehensive and customizable tracking service. This exciting product enables you to pinpoint and monitor the bills and regulations that could affect your interests.

StateTrack offers you:

  • Bill searches, with an interactive map-based display of the states in which proposed legislation could affect your interests, based on your search criteria. Search options include keywords, bill numbers, sponsors and the specific stages of the legislative process.
  • Regulation searches, also based on your search criteria, which could include keywords, agencies, registers and action types.
  • Web publishing capability for customized bill and regulation reports, so you can incorporate the data into your organization’s website. Links in the reports automatically update and point you to the latest versions of bills and regulations, as well as their statuses.
  • Customizable profiles, enabling you to manage legislative and regulatory intelligence by issue, with custom fields for key information. You can, for example, elect to enter your position (e.g. oppose or support), specify priority of a bill and add your own notes.
  • Custom online reports and custom e-mail alerts delivered when you want them, offering links to the full text and status of bills and regulations on the issues that matter to you.
  • State dashboards, which include committee hearing schedules, news from the state capitals and important dates in the legislative process.
  • Dedicated account executives who work with you to set up and maintain your profiles and reports.
  • The option to add bill and regulations screening and analysis from some of the foremost experts on state-level activity.

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